January 19, 2020

Working To Make A Difference We Can Be Proud Of Every Day


We understand there are a lot of wheel companies out there, but what makes us stand out is our top notch service, our team is here for you at all times to help you with any questions you may have.

All orders shipping from City Of Industry California and Kearney Missouri will ship in 24 Hours. Services used will be FedEx, UPS and Common Carrier.

All Rebel Racing wheels are true within .028 radial and lateral run out. Each wheel is physically checked prior to shipping for finish and correct fitment in each box. We treat your wheel as if it was being shipped to our home or place of business. We know the customer is our best sales person, if you like the wheel you will tell others and spread the good word about Rebel Racing Offroad.

At Rebel Racing since we design our own wheels we know everything about the product. When you call we have the experts in house to answer every question you have to ensure you get the right wheel for your application. We over see all areas of production to ensure the quality and consistency is what you expect.


We provide a series of physical testing to determine whether we can release a particular design for mass production.

Rebel Racing Off Road takes a straightforward approach to the wheel business. Our formula is simple: clean styling cues, quality materials and construction, and fair pricing.

We are car enthusiasts too, and that is why we understand the desires and needs of the everyday consumer just like you. We take pride in our collection and top notch service.